Formatting Using Microsoft Word

HEADER OR FOOTER A header appears at the top of every page. A footer appears at the bottom of every page. 1. On the Insert tab, in the Header & Footer group, click Header or Footer. 2. Click the header or footer design that you want. We will use “Blank” for our documents. 3. If necessary, format text … Continue reading Formatting Using Microsoft Word


In-Text Citation Guide

WHAT IS AN IN-TEXT CITATION? Any thought or idea that you did not think up, any information that is not your own, any material you got from another source must be cited. Referring to the works of others in your text is done by using an in-text citation. Immediately following a quotation from a source or a … Continue reading In-Text Citation Guide


WHAT IS MLA? MODERN LANGUAGE ASSOCIATION  (follow link) STANDARD MARGINS: Left margin:               Unbound: 1” Bound: 1.5” Right margin:             1” Top margin:               1” Bottom margin:          at least 1"   PARTS OF AN ESSAY OR REPORT: 1. The FIRST page of the paper (No Title page is used in MLA style) Establish a HEADER on the first page. This header … Continue reading ESSAY REPORT FORMATTING GUIDE


This site is unique, in that it is not an online school, but rather the educator's resource. Although I am a teacher, and I do offer specialized contracted editing or tutoring, the main purpose of this website is that it contains several helpful resources and links that will lead to grammar, writing, and editing instruction sites. … Continue reading DESCRIPTION OF LESSONS OFFERED