ELEMENTARY ~ Book Report Forms

BOOK REPORTS Book reports are an important tool to help teach students how to narrow down the details of the literature they read and effectively summarize the characters and main events.  When students use a book report form in a "pre-essay" format, it begins to build the student's concept of essay writing for the future.  … Continue reading ELEMENTARY ~ Book Report Forms



Beowulf Essay Responses: Write a short essay discussing how the character, Beowulf, illustrates the three parts of the Old English heroic ideal. (Begin by introducing the three parts of the heroic ideal.)  Be sure to discuss the reciprocal relationship implied by comitatus and how Beowulf illustrated this both as warrior to Hrothgar, and as King of the Geats to his own warriors. (See Lecture Notes and Literature in … Continue reading BEOWULF ESSAY


beowulf-part-ii Beowulf: Part II Unferth’s Taunt Unferth spoke, Ecglaf’s son,      220 Who sat at Hrothgar’s feet, spoke harshly And sharp (vexed by Beowulf’s adventure, By their visitor’s courage, and angry that anyone In Denmark or anywhere on earth had ever Acquired glory and fame greater      225 Than his own): Jealous Unferth tells of a youthful … Continue reading BEOWULF ~PART II TEXT


beowulf-part-i FROM Beowulf: Part I Translated by BURTON RAFFEL The Coming of Grendel Hrothgar builds a great mead-hall for his warriors. Then Hrothgar, taking the throne, led The Danes to such glory that comrades and kinsmen Swore by his sword, and young men swelled His armies, and he thought of greatness and resolved To build … Continue reading BEOWULF ~ PART I TEXT

BEOWULF: Introduction

Introduction to Beowulf English literature begins with Beowulf. It is England’s heroic epic, a proper beginning for a national literature, but it belongs to everyone because it is profoundly human. The poem shapes and interprets materials connected with the tribes from northern Europe, the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes, who invaded England after the Romans left … Continue reading BEOWULF: Introduction

The Hero in Quest Literature

The Characters (in the Quest Motif) THE HERO -- ROMANTIC, IRONIC, TRAGIC In stories of "the quest,” heroes are on the brink of a great change. Some heroes are desperately unhappy and experience their lives as a stultifying world, one that, in its very orderliness and familiarity, comes to seem sterile and confining: a kind … Continue reading The Hero in Quest Literature

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne ~ Quote Essay

Choose one of the quotes featured in this posting, or another one that stood out to you from the book and write an essay, explaining the quote’s meaning, application, and how it could effect (to bring about) change.  Make your essay at least one page, typed, following formatting guidelines.

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne ~ Analyzing Theme Essay

ANALYZING THEME:               People who hide their wrongdoings do not escape the results of sin. Write a five-paragraph essay in which you discuss how this statement is true for the novel you have just completed. This is your Thesis Statement. You will add specifics to this, but it must be the main part of your thesis statement. See … Continue reading The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne ~ Analyzing Theme Essay

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne ~ The Custom House Journal Entry

Getting Ready to Read "The Life of the Custom House lies like a dream behind me . . . soon, likewise, my old native town will loom upon me through the haze of memory, a mist brooding over and around it; as if it were no portion of the real earth, but an overgrown village … Continue reading The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne ~ The Custom House Journal Entry

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne ~ Glossary

G L O S S A R Y Chapter 1 Cornhill - part of Washington Street.  Now part of City Hall Plaza Isaac Johnson - a settler (1601-1630) who left land to Boston; he died shortly after the Puritans arrived.  His land would be north of King's Chapel (1688), which can be visited today. burdock - … Continue reading The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne ~ Glossary