Antigone, Scene 5

DIRECTIONS:  READ COMPLETELY BEFORE YOU BEGIN YOUR ASSIGNMENT! Read Scene 5. Prepare answers for the following questions before opening the quiz. A variety of questions types will be created from these questions: Multiple Choice, True/False, and short answer. Scene 5 a) Who is Teiresias? b) Describe him and explain why he is important to Creon. According to … Continue reading Antigone, Scene 5


Antigone, Sophocles — Scenes 3-4 

Now that you are into the play, let's talk about a few things: 1. The Greeks gods: The Greeks believed that the gods were involved in the affairs of men. They went about influencing all aspects of nature and human relationships, and punishing wrong behaviors, wrong attitudes, and disrespect for their laws. According to the Greek's elaborate heirarchy … Continue reading Antigone, Sophocles — Scenes 3-4 

Antigone, Sophocles ~ Scenes 1 & 2

A Matter of Principle Consider the principles listed below, and rank them in the order of their importance to you. Which of the principles might you be willing to fight for—or willing to uphold if it meant making a sacrifice? Use your READER'S NOTEBOOK to record your responses. • loyalty or obligation to family • … Continue reading Antigone, Sophocles ~ Scenes 1 & 2