Classical Poetry and “Faerie Queenes”

Edmund Spenser (1552-1599) Recognized by his contemporaries as the greatest nondramatic poet of England. In Tudor England, poetry shared the task of formal education: to prepare an informed and wise rulership. Since poetry could in this way be of value to the state, poets were patronized and officially honored. Ministers and councils of state, as well as noblemen … Continue reading Classical Poetry and “Faerie Queenes”


Chivalry, Knights, and Romance (Courtly Love) — Oh My!

Legendary King According to legend, Arthur became king of England and established his court at Camelot. He then gathered the best knights of the realm to join with him in the fellowship of the Round Table. These knights lived according to a specific code of behavior—the chivalric code—which stressed, among other things, loyalty to the … Continue reading Chivalry, Knights, and Romance (Courtly Love) — Oh My!