WRITING WORKSHOP: Thesis Statement, Sources Check, Notecards Check, Outline

research-paperare no NEW instructions for this lesson. By now, you should have PRINTED each of the three lessons: 06.04 Finding and Using Sources; 06.5 Documenting Sources; and 06.7 Writing Workshops: Research Report. Go back and re-read these as many times as necessary, to make sure you have:
  • Used the required minimum NUMBER of SOURCES (you may use more)
  • Used the required TYPES of SOURCES
  • Written a THESIS STATEMENT that states your POINT OF VIEW or CONCLUSIONS about the topic you are researching. No wide open, general topics!
  • Chosen a method of ORGANIZATION (Decided how you will organize your information). You need to OUTLINE your paper at this point–before you begin writing your report.
  • Prepared NOTE CARDS—to assure that your report will be original, and in your own words. You should have at least 8-12 Note Cards if you include your summary of each source and the quotes you want to use.
  • Considered how you will include at least one VISUAL AID in your report
You may not be entirely done with your research by the due date for this assignment, but I want to see as much as you have. You MAY NOT go ahead and write your paper without first turning in these things. I need to review them and make sure you are on the right track before you write. I don’t want you to have to redo your paper.
A. Thesis Statement & Sources Check: Type your Thesis Statement at the top of a Word Document. Below that, list your Sources by TITLE and TYPE. For example:
  1. TITLE: “Breaking a Wild Horse,” Roy Rogers   TYPE: Print Source—Magazine article
  2. TITLE: Roy Rogers: The Last of the Great Cowboys, Brad Pitt   TYPE: Print source—Book
  3. TITLE: “Don’t Let ‘Em See Ya’ Cry,” John Wayne’s biographer—Mel Gibson   TYPE: online article
  4. TITLE: “Living With a Cowboy and a Gentleman,” Dale Evans    TYPE: Primary Source—Dale Evans Journals
  5. Survey: “Who Wants to Be a Cowboy?”   TYPE: Primary Source—Interviews (The results chart will also be my visual aid)
(You do NOT have to use MLA style documentation for this list. That will come later.)
B. Outline: Next, include a simple Outline showing how you plan to organize your paper. Go back and look at the examples in 06.7 Writing Workshop: Research Report if you need help.
C. Note Cards: Place these on a sheet of paper and scan (I don’t need all of them, but at least 2-3 pages), so that I can tell you are taking good notes, in your own words—and copying quotes exactly to use in your paper. Put this document of scanned pages in the 06.6 Dropbox for review too.
NOTE: It is really important that you pay attention to the Due Dates. We are coming to the end of the school year. Ask for help if you need it along the way. You need to get your Research Report in on time, so that you have a whole week to work on creating a PowerPoint Presentation from your Research Report. You will need this time!
PowerPoint Presentation of your Research Report: Open and read the lesson and assignment for 06.8 Creating a PowerPoint Presentation. This is the FINAL EXAM for this class. Notice how many pages it must be, and how many pictures and graphic aids that must be included. As you research for your paper, you will also want to be looking for (and thinking about) ideas for these. Go back to the lesson on Finding and Using Sources for ideas. If you finish your Research Report early (before the Due Date), get moving on your PowerPoint Presentation so that your last week of school is not so full.
Follow the directions in the Lecture Section of this Lesson for turning in the following:
  • THESIS STATEMENT that states your POINT OF VIEW or CONLUSIONS about the topic you are researching. No general topic!
  • A LIST of your Sources. The TITLE of each source, and the TYPE of Source (see requirements in lessons for number and types required)
  • Copies of your NOTE CARDS—to assure that your report will be original, and in your own words (2-3 pages)
  • An simple OUTLINE of your paper that shows how you are going to organize your paper (See the Writing the Research Report Lesson)
  • Your plan for including one VISUAL AID in your report (what are your ideas?)
  • NOTE: I will not accept your paper without FIRST grading this assignment: Thesis Statement, Sources Check, Note Cards, & Outline.



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