Antigone, Scene 5


Read Scene 5Prepare answers for the following questions before opening the quiz. A variety of questions types will be created from these questions: Multiple Choice, True/False, and short answer.

Scene 5

  1. a) Who is Teiresias? b) Describe him and explain why he is important to Creon.
  2. According to Teiresias, why are the gods deaf when they pray to them?
  3. a) How does Teiresias know the gods are deaf? b) What proof does he have?
  4. What does he appeal to Creon to do?
  5. Creon responds by accusing Teiresias of something. What?
  6. Does Teiresias back down? Explain.
  7. Of what does he warn Creon?
  8. What does the Choragus tell Creon to do after Teiresias leaves?
  9. Does he listen?
  10. What does the Messenger tell the Choragus?
  11. Who is Eurydice?
  12. How does she learn of her son’s fate?
  13. What does Creon do before going to the vault to rescue Antigone?
  14. How does Antigone die?
  15. Is Haemon alive when his father reaches the vault where Antigone has been locked?
  16. How does Haemon react to his father’s presence?
  17. How does he die?
  18. What is the fate of Eurydice?
  19. What were her last words, according to the Messenger?
  20. How would you describe Creon’s state of mind at the end of the play? Copy one quote to support your answer.
  21. What final “lesson” does the Choragus leave the audience at the end of the play? Copy it.

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