SELF-PUBLISHING: Featured Author ~ Joi Pfost


Joi Pfost lives in Elgin, Oregon with her husband and 4 children, ages 15, 16, 18 & 19.

Joi has been supporting some orphaned teens, a Pastor and his family and some widows and their orphans in Uganda for years. Joi states: “I’m starting a non-profit right now…It’s time to make it an official organization!”

“I published my first two children’s books recently:  A Child’s Age Field Trip, Numbers 0-9 and A Toddler’s Field Trip, The Colors in Words, both available on Amazon in Kindle.


joi pfost book 1

joi pfost book 2


I have been working on a huge project that will take years to complete. Publishing these two simple books is the first baby steps into the project. It is exciting to finally be a part of Amazon after trying to figure it out for over two years! I am so grateful for the Kindle and that we bought one so I understand what I like and don’t like about reading different books on it. I really focused on making my books easy to read with a child’s head in the way and giving that child many opportunities to “turn the page” because they love pushing the buttons to turn the pages. I wanted to create a few books without pictures that focused on getting to know my children better and letting them use their imaginations. I hope readers will understand and appreciate this as they read the books to their children. I love being an author! All 4 of our children have different special needs.

We are grateful for our strong relationships with God, family, church family & friends. Also, the doctors, teachers, developmental specialists, The Boys and Girls Club & other team members who help us with our children. What amazing organizations and people! They have been such a wonderful help for our children & family.”





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