SELF-PUBLISHING: Featured Author ~ Joi Pfost

ABOUT TODAY'S FEATURED AUTHOR: Joi Pfost lives in Elgin, Oregon with her husband and 4 children, ages 15, 16, 18 & 19. Joi has been supporting some orphaned teens, a Pastor and his family and some widows and their orphans in Uganda for years. Joi states: "I'm starting a non-profit right now...It's time to make it an … Continue reading SELF-PUBLISHING: Featured Author ~ Joi Pfost


SELF-PUBLISHING: Featured Author ~ Nakeata Gilliam

ABOUT TODAY'S FEATURED AUTHOR: Nakeata Gilliam is an older sister, and loyal daughter. She lives in the farmlands of Idaho with her family. She enjoys daydreaming, reading, and browsing Pinterest for no reason. When she is not working on school or doing any of the above activities, Nakeata can be found writing. Her works, both … Continue reading SELF-PUBLISHING: Featured Author ~ Nakeata Gilliam