LOCAL AUTHORS: Featured Author ~ Isaiah T. Silkwood


Isaiah T. Silkwood is an honored brother and thankful son. He lives in a small town in Idaho with his miniature cow, a feisty chicken, and a faltering obsession for Star Wars. He enjoys ballroom dancing, martial arts, and acting. When not spending time with his family and friends he can be found working on his novels.

Isaiah took First Place in the 2014 North American Book Award’s Young Adult category.

If you’d like to get to know Isaiah better:

He is actually on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IsaiahTSilkwood

He pretends to be on Twitter but would definitely enjoy pretending with you: https://twitter.com/IsaiahSilkwood

He has an Awesome blog which has not been updated in a long time: http://WhatsMoreAwesome.wordpress.com/

And he has an empty email: IsaiahTSilkwood@gmail.com

Pirates and Werewolves


by Isaiah T. Silkwood

A captain’s mission to prove his mettle turns out to be a man’s trial to earn his first mate’s confidence in this entertaining and fanciful tale of pirates and the supernatural.

Shipwrecked on the island of Gealach—an isle lost in the mist of mythology and mystery—Captain Fish-Eye finds himself pushed to his limits. He must prove to Wokey the Shrimp, his first mate in a crew of one, and more importantly to himself, that he has what it takes to be a true pirate captain.

This won’t be as easy as a walk off the gangplank with the bloodthirsty crew of the Harsh One and their slaughtering captain hot on Fish-Eye’s wake. Things only get worse when Fish-Eye and Shrimp encounter a castaway tormented with the idea that he is a werewolf.

Naught be as it seems on the island of Gealach.

Thrilling and humorous, Of Pirates and Werewolves is a legend of true fantasy adventure told in the tones of Justin Somper’s Vampirates and Rick Riordon’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

It has received great reviews from Amazon, Barnes and Noble,  goodreads, Phoenix Freedom, and you can also find more fantastic reviews, as well as an interesting interview with Isaiah at Clean Indie Reads!  It can also be purchased from the publisher, NCC Publishing!

Currently, Isaiah is working on his second novel with the working title OF PIRATES AND MONSTERS.  He was kind enough to give us a “teaser” to share with you as you await, since Of Pirates and Werewolves left its readers with a cliff-hanger!

Gealach—an isle shrouded in the haze of legends and the clandestine—Captain Fish-Eye has failed his crew but is not dead yet. His first mate is battered and his second is dying until the moon crests the green horizon. The Harsh One has lost his purpose. With Gruntle’s disappearance he leans more heavily on violence. His greatest desire is frighteningly within reach but he dreads to take it without his first mate. Clouse is unsure of how to proceed, as a failed mutiny has immortalized the crew’s fear of their captain and left him with precious few mutineers. Fish-Eye tries desperately to use the werewolf’s transformation as the distraction needed to escape the cannibalistic horde—but the werewolf turns its lurid gaze on him. Will being a true captain mean sacrifice? Gealach be darker when the moon shows her face. Exhilarating and amusing, Of Pirates and Monsters is the lore of true fantasy adventure told in the tones of Justin Somper’s Vampirates and Rick Riordon’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians.


This book is available on Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback, as well as Barnes and Noble.





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