Beowulf Essay Responses:

  • Write a short essay discussing how the character, Beowulf, illustrates the three parts of the Old English heroic ideal. (Begin by introducing the three parts of the heroic ideal.)  Be sure to discuss the reciprocal relationship implied by comitatus and how Beowulf illustrated this both as warrior to Hrothgar, and as King of the Geats to his own warriors. (See Lecture Notes and Literature in previous lessons to review.) Choose specific incidents from the poem to support your statements about Beowulf. Include at least one quote from the poem in your discussion of each part of the heroic ideal. (3 quotes)  You have plenty to work with for this essay. (1 page, typed double-spaced)


  • Explore how the components of the heroic ideal might be used to describe the discipleship relationship with Jesus for the Christian. Include at least one Bible verse (with reference) to support your ideas.