To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee ~ Character Sketch Key

Read the entire LESSON for the instructions students were given for this essay. The PROMPT is given there, as well as STEPS they must follow to PLAN, WRITE, and EDIT their essay. These steps are as important as the Checklist given in the Assignment Section.

Standards for Evaluation:
·       Gives the title of the novel, the author, and the name of the character being analyzed in the first paragraph
·       This introduction also includes a thesis statement—the writer’s conclusions about the character
·       Has two or three body paragraphs (paragraphs 2-4) which support the thesis statement by identifying key aspects of the character’s personality and character
·       Uses physical descriptiondetailsaction (incidents), and dialogue from the novel to support statements made about the character (at least one quote for each main idea, that directly supports your discussion)
·       Has a concluding paragraph that restates the thesis in a fresh way, and causes the reader to think more about the character
·       Follows the Formatting Guidelines for the Essay in Eagle Hall
Your teacher will be using these Guidelines to grade your essay.

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